Thursday, July 28, 2011

Life Moves On

As the summer has progressed I have gone through times of complete joy and times of utter disappointment, but the overwhelming thing that I have found this summer as opposed to the rest of my summer breaks is that no matter what happens life will continue on.

To relate this to something that we are all familier with I will use weather. No matter how accurate our forecasting abilities get, the tornado will still destroy the town. We can see a snow storm coming days and sometimes even weeks out, but it will still dump snow all over and school will still close. We will never be able to change that. Life is the same way.

Summer started with my best friend hating me, and when I say hate, I mean she wanted me dead. so to say I had low expectations would be an understatement. But within a few weeks everything between us got a lot more complicated.

My girlfriend had broken up with me just before summer started, and I of course spent a fair amount of my limited free time trying to figure out what to do now that my world had been turned upside down.

I spent some time trying to get my now Ex back, but after a few days I found that we were still great friends. I have always heard that you cant be friends with an Ex, but I think I have proven that wrong, we had both made mistakes, and by being able to own up to that we are able to still be friends.

I spent a great deal more time however deciding what to do about my best friend. Now that she no longer hated me it opened the door to all sorts of possibilities. After a few weeks of disappointment though I learned my first real life lesson of the summer, it wasn't actually up to me how the future of our friendship was going to procede. That one lesson took me over a month and a half to figure out for myself.

During that time though I kept myself busy with interning at the National Weather Service and working as a Lifeguard. By keeping busy I was able to stay sane most of the time. I talked to friends a lot during this time, and re kindled old friendships I had forgotten during school. And it was during this time that I learned that same lesson again, Most things in life are not up to me, I am simply along for the ride.

One night, as I was going to sleep I got a text from my best friend, it was around midnight, and this was usual so I answered it, and I got the shock of my summer. She had some news that should have changed everything. I spent the next few days decided what to do, what the right decision was, how to handle the situation, and then I realized that I didn't have a decision to make. There was no question asked and she was simply looking for support. This reaffirmed the lesson from before, It is very often not up to me to make a choice.

This brings us up to now, I am still working, I am still friends with my Ex, and there is still an awkward unknown with my best friend. But the only constant is that no matter what happens, school will still start in a month, I will still have homework to do, there will always be tests to take, and life will still go on.