Saturday, April 7, 2012

It has Been Far Too Long

Wow... It really has been far too long since I have posted in here. School and life just sort of got in the way. Thats not true. Life got in the way, but in a good way.

See not too long after my last post I met the most amazing person ever. I was just out on a walk with a friend and we ran into one of his friends, and they started talking. It was one of those awkward moments were you just sorta stand there and hope that they finish up soon cause you are the awkward third wheel. Except it wasnt just me. She had a friend with her also so we started talking (more so that we didnt have to awkwardly stand there).

I found out that it is an incredibly small world my friends. She not only was in one of my classes last semester (when this all happened) but lived in my building ON MY FLOOR. I mean how had I never seen her before. Beyond that she is a Geology major, so has classes on the same floor and building as I do, and was at the Earth Sciences Picnic. I never noticed her.

I feel bad that I never noticed her then, but my head was full. It wasnt looking for new people to meet, I just wanted to forget the old.

It has been many months since then, and we are now happily dating. She is the most amazing girl ever. I really dont know how I got along in those dark months after my ex, but I no longer need to think about that. Life has really turned up lately.

I dont have anything to complain about, I have a work study doing something I enjoy, I have an amazing girlfriend, I am graduating a semester early with very easy classes. I am happy again, oh except for that pile of papers that needs written....

Speaking of writing papers, I need data. My entire assignment and topic hinge on being able to get data from the National Climatic Data Center, however their website is down. It will be down for the foreseeable future as well. This is the only complaint I have, I may fail this class simply because I cannot get data due to a server failure. Perhaps my professor will give me an extension due to circumstances outside my control (probably not).

Well that is all for now, I have procrastinated my paper writing long enough. I will try to write here more often, though over the next month it will surly be sporadic at best.

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